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What is is an internet based stationery ordering solution. It is used by companies that already have a corporate identity in place, wish to enforce these identity standards so all stationery has a uniform look and a desire to streamline the process of ordering stationery and other office supply items.

the dilemma... Are you faced with the decision of which online ordering solution to use?

a suggestion... Choose the solution that is the most widely used in the industry and that will be here tomorrow, for you and your customers.

There are over 6,000 companies already using making it the single most widely used online stationery ordering solution in North America. It is growing - 15 new companies begin using each day! It is a proven, reliable system. The average customer places two orders per session and is on the site less than 4 minutes!

If you are a corporation seeking an online ordering solution, you can continue to use your current supplier, contact them today about using has many features, such as password protection, drop down menus, order authorization and sub-accounts. is not limited to stationery ordering and can accommodate other items, such as promotional products and office supplies. Many different items can be set up on for you, so your customers can order more than just stationery from you. You can send these other items to any manufacturer you wish. The cost - there are no licensing fees to use Template setup fees are often waived, depending on projected order volume and there are no transaction fees for orders produced by

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What is PerfectSend?

PerfectSend is a file submission system that also preflights Postscript file formats. PerfectSend verifies the settings and document structure of EPS, PS and PDF files. If PerfectSend finds an error in these files, a list of these errors are displayed. This allows for correction of errors prior to submission for production. This provides faster and more accurate production of your printing.

What are the requirements for files?

We recommend that colors within the files be setup according to how they will print. For spot color, please use spot colors, preferably use BCT spot colors. For full color process files, please setup in CMYK. We also request that fonts used in the file be included/embedded or converted to outlines/curves. Without these options we can't provide accurate color breaks or type appearance.

What types of files can I submit?

PerfectSend accepts all BCT Indiana file types. However, sending Postscript file formats (EPS, PS & PDF) has certain benefits not given to other file types that may be submitted. The benefits include, per order discounting and no need for a sample to be faxed to BCT before the order is put into production. All other file types will not be eligible for discounting and WILL REQUIRE a hardcopy sample.